Thursday, 4 June 2015

Relationship Advice for Couples

A healthy and a strong relationship can be the best support in your life. A good relationship can always strengthen your health, improve different aspects of your life, boost up your mood and help keep good connections with others who have value in your life. 

But if your relationship is not working, it can be an enormous drain. Relationships, after all, are like an investment. More you will put in, more you will get back. Here are some advice for couples who are having a tough time with their spouse in maintaining a good relationship. Read this out to know how to strengthen your relationship. 

Resolve conflict wisely :
It is natural for couples to fight but the way it is done is important. Some couples discuss things out quietly while there are some who raise their voices. No matter how you do it, the main point is you should not be fearful in expressing things that bother you and must be able to resolve conflict without humiliating your partner or insisting on the fact that you are always right. 

Keep outside relationships & interests alive :
Never expect everything from one person. That person won't be able to fulfil all your needs and expectations. If you do, you are simply putting unhealthy pressure on the relationship, which is not needed at all. Have friends and outside interests. This would not only strengthen your social network but also bring new insights & stimulation to your relation. 

Don't stop communicating :
Communication is one of the main ingredients of a strong relationship. It is very essential for couples to communicate their feelings, their needs, fears as well as desires because that strengthens the trust and bonds. Nowadays, there is lack of communication in many couples and that triggers a relationship  to go through most problems. 

Be intimate physically :
Getting physically involved and keeping the intimacy alive is the cornerstone of a relationship. Having sex is not only the method of physical intimacy. Affectionate touch on a regular basis like hugging, holding hands or kissing is important as well. While touch is an important part of maintaining a healthy relationship, it is even important to know what your spouse actually likes. Inappropriate overtures or unwanted touching may make your partner tense up & retreat, which you would definitely not want. 

If you are looking for more relationship advice, then you can visit a counsellor who offers relationship counselling in Bondi Junction. Some couples even benefit from the spiritual advices given by religious figures.


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