Monday, 13 July 2015

Causes of Anxiety in Women and How to Alleviate Them?

In the modern times, anxiety has become more common among women than men in Bondi Junction, NSW. While some anxiety issues rise from societal and cultural expectations, others may also be triggered by hormonal imbalances occurring in the body, the former being the primary cause.

Stress At Workplace :
While this can be the cause of stress for most people, the workplace of a woman is more likely of including discrimination and harassment, as well as work pressure. All of these can be quite difficult to combat with, because it is often subtle and easy for miscreants to deny or disguise their wrongful deeds. Besides that, work pressure can also take tolls on a woman trying to maintain balance between office and home.

Overload of Domestic Responsibility :
Women are usually expected to perform the duties of two or more members within a household. Most men are culturally brought up or trained to regard that women bear the primary responsibility of conducting domestic tasks like cleaning, cooking, and attending children. Such a situation can be extremely stressful for a woman who also has to work outside home.

Sexist Demeanors from Family :
Besides being assigned with additional domestic responsibilities, women are often pressured by their family members to pursue specific goals like getting married, bearing children, or doing jobs with low pay so that it does not overawe a spouse. Such pressure can be very stressful for a woman because it becomes very difficult to maintain a positive connection with those family members.

Hormonal Changes :
During the course of her life, a woman will often find her hormones thrown off from balance quite often. Most of the times, it can adversely affect her physically as well as emotionally. Hormonal imbalances can have many symptoms that trigger anxiety, like cramps, irregular growth of hair, hot flashes and sleep disorders. Some of the common natural causes for hormonal imbalances include -
  • Menstrual cycle
  • Pregnancy
  • Lactation
  • Menopause
  • Thyroid dysfunction
Besides these natural factors, hormonal imbalances may also be caused by some unnatural causes, such as -
  • Obesity
  • Contraceptive pills
  • Consumption of animal products that are non-organic
  • Overuse of cosmetics

Ways to Alleviate Anxiety :
No matter what the cause maybe, anxiety can be successfully coped up with and also alleviated by following certain measures. Domestic responsibilities can be shared equally with other members in the family. If one or more family members are pressurising to do something, a respectful explanation should be provided about the resulting discomfort. To maintain an equilibrium between home and work, your daily tasks and responsibilities should be analysed or help from a reputed counsellor in Bondi Junction must be taken. Adequate amount of sleep and a properly balanced diet are necessary as well. Oriental and holistic treatments or therapies can also help to combat stress. 

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