Monday, 6 July 2015

Why and When Should You Seek Couple Counselling?

While most statistical records show that around 50 per cent of first wedlocks in Bondi end in separation, the matter of major concern is that this figure has been constant for the last three decades. All these prove that the rates of marriage are supposedly on the slump. 

Divorce rates vary with couples’ level of education and several other influencing factors. But the consequences of divorce are harsh on couples and their children. Children involved in the divorce may also experience adverse effects like denial, aggression, guilt, blame, and feelings of abdication. 

Divorce is not always the best solution and can turn things upside down for many people. A couple encountering marriage problems should thus seek always counselling for many reasons before taking the decision of divorce. 

Negative Communication :
If communication between couples starts deteriorating, it can often be very difficult to put things back in order. Negative communication may make partners feel depressed, disregarded and insecure, and keep them from having amiable conversations with their spouse. Sometimes, it may even lead to physical and mental abuse.

Extra-marital Affairs :
If one of the partners has had an extra-marital affair, it can be very difficult for the other one to recover from the shock. It takes a great deal of will power to forgive as well as move forward. Couple counselling can help a lot in salvaging such marriages and determining ways for both partners to take things in the right direction.

Inability to Resolve Differences :
Sometimes couples who are experiencing problems in their married life might be trying to sort out the differences, but are just not being able to find the right ways to do it. They are aware of the discord, and struggling to put an end to it. In such cases, involving a third party can be a wise decision. A skilled counsellor may be able to help them resolve their differences.

When Children are The Only Reason for a Couple To Stay Together :
It may so happen that couples emotionally distant from each other are staying together only for the sake of their children. But sometimes this can have a negative impact on the kids. Usually they can detect the fake happiness exhibited by their parents. Seeking couple counselling in Bondi can help to find ways for bridging the emotional gap between such partners, which in turn is definitely beneficial for the children involved as well. 

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